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Hub Hotel

Hub Hotel 11″ x 14″

Here is yet another familiar sight in Mayerthorpe. As I look back, I am surprised at how many paintings I’ve done of my home town – from the outskirts to side streets, and now all the way down Main.


Milou 8″ x 10″

This is Milou, a friend of a friend.

Nobody wants to talk about the holiday season right now, but if anyone is thinking of giving a pet portrait for Christmas, this is a great time to get started!


Intersection 11″ x 14″

A familiar scene from the town of Mayerthorpe.

White Rooster

This one is for sale on Daily Paintworks.


I was never happy with this painting so I decided to rework the background. The main focus should be the bird (which I like), but the background was much too busy for that to happen. I removed many of the blossoms, toned down the green and generally simplified the whole thing. I’m not sure it is a total success, but I do like the new version better.



Red-winged Blackbird in the Meadow 11″ x 14″

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Hummingbird and Wildflowers

Hummingbird and Wildflowers 10″ x 10″

For sale on Daily Paintworks.

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Red – 10″x10″

I just dropped off this painting and a few more at my favourite local shop, Stock Home Design.

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Sparrows and Leaves

Sparrows and Leaves 8″x10″

Bumblebee and Purple Blossoms

Bumblebee and Purple Blossoms 10″ x 10″

For sale on Daily Paintworks.

Farm at Sunset

Farm at Sunset 11″ x 14″