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Little Birds

I painted several little 4″x6″ birds for the Positively Petite Show at the Place Des Arts in Coquitlam.
I have 2 extras, not in the show, but for sale on Daily Paintworks.

Cardinal 4″ x 6″
Yellow-rumped Warbler 4″ x 6″


Whiskers 10″ x 10″

This one is for sale on Daily Paintworks.


More insects…

Ladybug 11″ x 14″
Two Ladybugs 11″ x 14″

Whistler Street Banners – Birds of Winter

I am very excited to have my artwork chosen for the 2021-22 fall/winter Whistler street banner series! I can’t wait to visit and get some photos of the installed banners. You can read about them here.

The Lariat

The Lariat 11″ x 14″

Another Mayerthorpe landmark. Couldn’t help but think of fries and gravy the whole time I worked on this.

Robin on a Fence Post

Robin on a Fence Post 8″ x 8″

For sale on Daily Paintworks.

Hummingbird and Pink Blossoms

Hummingbird and Pink Blossoms 11″ x 14″

I’m lucky to live in a place where I see – or at least hear – hummingbirds every time I am out in the neighbourhood, all year round.

For sale on Daily Paintworks.

A Seat in the Sun

A Seat in the Sun 8″ x 8″

Our grey, rainy January makes me want to find a warm sunny spot like this.

For sale on Daily Paintworks.

Lizzy and Salem

This is Lizzy and Salem. Pet portraits seem to be big this Christmas. So much fun!

Howe Sound

Howe Sound 14″ x 18″

I did this painting of Howe Sound for a couple who bought a painting several years ago. The previous one was of Jericho Park and English Bay – a view from the other side of the water.

Here is the older one: