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A barn and a robin

Tiny paintings 3″ x 3″

This has not been the most productive summer, artwise. I did manage to complete these two little paintings for my aunt (to give to my other aunt). Thanks to Sandy for motivating me to get something done!

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Barn at Southlands Farm

Barn at Southlands Farm 24" x 36"

Barn at Southlands Farm 24″ x 36″

It’s unusual to see this barn without a bunch of kids out front and people wandering around. Southlands Heritage Farm is a community farm, open to the public – a great place if you need a break from the city, without leaving the city.

A Little Winter

Acrylic Paintings  3" x 3"

Acrylic Paintings 3″ x 3″

Since many of these will be given as Christmas gifts, I decided to make some that are appropriate for the season.

Our Old Barn

Old Barn 18" x 14"

This barn stood on the acreage where I grew up. This was the run-down, worn-out condition of the barn when I was a kid, so I am sure that it no longer stands. I used two faded, old photos as source material.

Although some parts of the painting were challenging, I had fun remembering the many hours I spent playing and exploring in this yard and surrounding forest. And remembering the various animals – horses, pigs and barn cats – that lived inside.

A Few More Minis

Black-eyed Susans - 2" x 2"

Here are a few more of these tiny paintings. They are so much fun, but not necessarily easy. I have to constantly remind myself not to get too fussy with the details. I think the most successful of these are the ones where the details are generalized.

Grandma's Barn - 2" x 2"

Jericho Park - 2" x 2"

Red Graineries - 2" x 2"

These little paintings are available from my Etsy Store or you can send me a message directly.