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Posts tagged ‘farm’

Spring Thaw

Spring Thaw 16″ x 20″

Another little chicken

Buffy 6″x6″

For sale on Daily Paintworks.

Buttercup Re-do

I painted this chicken several years ago and I was never happy with it. I was planning paint over it and re-use the canvas. Then I decided to see if I could fix the chicken, or at least use it as practice. Here is the result. I guess my style has changed over the years. I like the chicken, but I’m not happy with the yellow background. That’s a job for another day.

Buttercup 16″ x 16″


Harvest 11″ x 14″

For sale on Daily Paintworks.

Grazing in Autumn

Grazing in Autumn 10″ x 10″

Leaning Granaries

Three Granaries 16″ x 20″

I was surprised to find out that this is how you spell granary.

Five in a Row

Five in a Row 16″ x 20″

White Rooster

This one is for sale on Daily Paintworks.

Farm at Sunset

Farm at Sunset 11″ x 14″

Red Hen

Red Hen 8″ x 8″