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Storm Over Mayerthorpe

Storm Over Mayerthorpe 14″x 18″

This is the same storm that I painted in here, just a little further down the road. Is anyone else getting “Stranger Things” vibes from this one?

On the Tracks in Mayerthorpe

On the Tracks in Mayerthorpe 14″ x 18″

It has been a while since I painted anything from Mayerthorpe. Hanging out on the tracks isn’t the safest place to watch a storm, but it gave me a pretty nice view.

Yellow Hills

Yellow Hills 18″ x 24″

I was in Alberta this summer and had some time to appreciate the landscape. From the top of the one of the gentle rolling hills, you can see forever – so different from the view here in Vancouver. In the background you can see the Rochfort Bridge Trestle, one of the longest wooden train trestles in North America.

Green Giant

Green Giant 8" x 8"

Green Giant 8″ x 8″

Another trip to Mayerthorpe means another painting of the elevator. From a new angle. With different lighting.

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Lines 24″ x 18″

The sky of this painting reminds me of a jigsaw puzzle. If I made a cut along each power line, can you guess how many pieces would make up the sky? I counted 74. That’s right – 74! (No wonder this painting took me so long).

Slowing Down

Slowing Down 9″ x 12″

Here is the second yield sign painting. Like the previous one, it is a scene from Mayerthorpe – the Alberta town where I grew up. I always wonder what people think of me photographing their houses and then painting them. I admit that I feel very self-conscious about pointing the camera at private residences, but I do it all the time.

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Same Elevator – Different Painting

March in Mayerthorpe - Acrylic Painting

March in Mayerthorpe (6" x 6")

Once again it’s the Mayerthorpe Grain Elevator, and it’s from almost the same angle as my previous painting, but at a much colder time of year.

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The Long Winter

The Long Winter 6" x 6"

Some of you may not want to look at this painting. We have been waiting a long time for summer to arrive, so you likely don’t want to be reminded of the piles of snow that melted just a couple of months ago.  I think (hope ?) that summer is finally here,  so I’m not sure what compelled me to paint this cold grey scene. I think that what really interested me was the criss-cross of power lines dividing up the sky. And on this little canvas (6″ x 6″), it was a lot of fun to do.

I’ll do something warmer next time, I promise.

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Down by the Tracks

Down by the Tracks

This is another little picture from my hometown. It provided me with a great opportunity to practice painting snow.  If you think that snow is white, you should try painting it sometime.  I  saw endless colours there, but chose several shades of blue and beige to render it. I don’t feel 100% happy with the result, but I do love the contrast between the cool blues and the bright red rail car.

I also had lots of fun painting the Canada logo – can you tell that my other job is Graphic Design…

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Crockett House, Mayerthorpe

Crockett House, Mayerthorpe

This house is a landmark in Mayerthorpe, and many of my Mayerthorpe friends and family will recognize it. It is called Crockett House was built in 1935 by Leo Crockett Sr. It sits prominently on Main Street at the top of the hill, just as you approach downtown.

In this painting I was surprised by how much fun it was to paint the various colours of light and shadow that fell on the street.

You can read a bit more about the house here.